Slate Roofing
in Tadcaster and York

If you have a slate roof in need of repair or want to install a new slate roof, KA Roofing is the company to call. Based in York, we cover Tadcaster and the surrounding areas, working with homeowners, landlords, estate agents, builders, property developers and various commercial clients. Our team is skilled in all aspects of slate roofing and can deliver professional repairs, roof replacements and new build roofs.

The timeless charm and beauty of slate means it continues to be a popular choice for old and new properties. It is a common site on houses and pubs as well as various other domestic and commercial structures. At KA Roofing, we meet the needs of all building types.

Why Slate?

The visual appeal of slate is not the only reason it has remained a go-to roofing material for centuries.

  • Slate is incredibly durable and can last for well over 100 years if properly cared for. As well as saving you money over the years, this also makes slate a sustainable option because it results in less waste
  • Slate is fire-resistant and will help prevent the spread of fire if one occurs inside your property
  • Slate roofing has excellent strength and weather resistance
  • It also has low water absorption, meaning it can withstand freezing temperatures

Types of Slate

Of course, one of the benefits of slate is that it comes in a wide range of textures, thicknesses and colours. As such, KA Roofing can build new slate roofs to perfectly complement your property and suit your tastes.

Welsh slate is regarded as the finest slate in the world, but quality slate is also available from regions of England, notably Devon and Cornwall. Slate can also be sourced from overseas but different mineral content to UK slate can affect the performance of imported slate. For example, we do not recommend Chinese or Brazilian slate for properties in coastal regions because these slates are not suitable for the severe weather conditions.

The colour of slate roofing ranges from blues and greys to reds, browns, greens and purples. When carrying out repairs, we source matching materials to ensure a seamless finish. We can also source matching materials for roof replacements. For new roofs, our team will create your desired look, which can mean mimicking slate roofs of nearby properties.

Quality Slate

KA Roofing always uses high-standard slate for jobs in York, Tadcaster and the surrounding areas. This includes ensuring slates meet BS EN 12326 and have a CE mark. Slate is categorised and graded in numerous ways and we ensure products have the correct attributes to provide superior performance and longevity.

Factors which affect quality and which slate is tested for include water absorption, carbonate content and pyrite content.

Please call 07377 962462 for slate roofing in Tadcaster, York and the nearby areas.