Commercial Roofer
in Tadcaster, York and the Surrounding Areas

Making use of a reliable commercial roofer that can complete all elements of a roof is vital to any commercial construction project. Our team has over 15 years of combined experience working on commercial properties in York, Tadcaster and the surrounding areas. Having worked on many types of roofs, including flat roofs for commercial structures, our roofing contractors work with you to complete your project to a high standard.

Below we go through the commercial roofing services that we offer:

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are a popular option for commercial properties due to their low maintenance, durability and cost-effectiveness. We construct these roofs in various materials, such as EPDM, fibreglass, torch-on-felt and rubber. Our team advises on the best option for each application.

We construct flat roofs at a slight angle to ensure rainwater runs off and does not pool on the surface.


With each project, our roofing contractors work on all roofline elements, installing soffits, fascias and gutters. These provide drainage, protect your property from water damage and add visual appeal. They also ensure your roof has adequate ventilation, preventing condensation forming within the roof.

Our commercial roofers use uPVC products which offer superior longevity and durability, at an affordable price. They also come in a range of colours, allowing you to customise your commercial property.


When it comes to the roofing on a commercial building, it is important to get repairs or reroofing completed as soon as you notice a problem. This is because small problems can become big problems in a short amount of time.

We carry out a site visit to assess the issue with your roof before recommending a suitable course of action. KA Roofing offers full repair services to return your roof to a safe and effective condition.

When you encounter a roofing emergency, our roofing contractors offer emergency call outs between 7am and 8pm, seven days a week in York, Tadcaster and the surrounding areas.

Leadwork and Chimney Work

Our commercial roofers provide the leadwork for pitched and flat roofing, ensuring correct installation. In addition, we can repair any leadwork that is faulty to avoid leaks or other issues.

We provide chimney work depending on the type of building and individual requirements. This can include repairs and repointing. These days, chimneys act as a ventilation outlet for commercial buildings, so it is important to maintain them.

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